In today’s cannabis world, terminology is everything. Flower is what used to be called bud, or weed. The more flavorful and beautiful the flower, the more desirable it is. Papa Buds sources only the finest flower, both indoor and outdoor grown. Our selection process is determined by more than a high number in one category (such as THC or CBD) in favor of an overall high level of terpenes and other cannabinoids. When purchasing we look for structure, taste and aroma first and foremost.  The higher the quality of those factors are, the better the overall psychoactive effect of the flower will be. This is known as the Cannabis Entourage Effect, and true connoisseurs will appreciate our amazing selection of the finest flower.

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For those that want a more processed form of the cannabis plant, concentrates are an attractive alternative to flower. Compact and less aromatic than flower, concentrates don’t put off the large volume of smoke that flower puts off. Perfect for those looking for a more discreet way of inhaling cannabis. Concentrates are also higher in THC than flower, often two to three times higher, which means you don’t need to inhale as much to achieve a very nice effect.

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When ingested, food infused with cannabinoids delays the onset of effects. Cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the stomach and liver, letting you enjoy the efficacy from four to six hours. Precise dosage, discretion, and awareness of ingredients, as well as tasty options, are making edibles increasingly more popular.

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Typically packaged in small glass bottles with droppers for caps, tinctures are administered orally, sublingually, or mixed into foods or beverages. You enjoy easy-to-transport, discreet, convenient dosing with no combustion or inhalation. Made by dissolving cannabis into alcohol or glycerin, tinctures offer a range of cannabinoids but very few calories.

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Sometimes you want a refreshing beverage that also gives you a good buzz. Cannabis has become a viable alternative to alcohol, and Papa Buds has a wide range of cannabis beverages. We carry sodas, juices, coffee and other drinks, all infused with different amounts of cannabis. Ask our knowledgable bud tenders what you’re looking for in terms of potency and they’ll direct you to the right product.

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If you’ve heard of budder, crumble, shatter and wax, these are all types of extracts. Extracts are a type of cannabis concentrate made strictly through the use of a solvent. While extraction processes differ, you end up with a mass of highly-concentrated cannabinoids. The names typically refer to the texture, which can be anything from liquid cannabis oils to dry crumble, and they are normally consumed by dabbing.

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Lotions, patches, sprays, oils, bath salts, soaps, and balms are all available as cannabis-infused topicals that are applied directly to the skin. Fast-acting, they are usually non-intoxicating and offer relief of pain, inflammation, or an ailment. Because cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower rate than an edible or smokable alternative, the effects of topicals are only felt where they’re applied.

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Great deals, great flower, great staff! Super chill low-key place. Recommend!

Lauren D.

I brought my friend here from California and she absolutely loved the environment the people and the strains that they carry.

Lauren T.

Clean shop, inclusive feel, easy to find. Great prices on flower and a wide variety of product to choose from.

Hanna P.

I love Papa Buds! Inside its so comfortable and colorful. Very nice atmosphere. Plus, I love their $10 1/8ths I’m never disappointed.

John A.

Just started coming to this shop last week and already feel like part of the Papa Buds family. The staff spent a lot of time making sure they had what I wanted in stock

Heather C.

Amazing service, great products, and pesticide free bud makes this place the best!

A. McCarron

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