Whether you’re just taking the first steps on a path toward better wellness and quality of life or you’re an experienced cannabis connoisseur, the nearly endless array of options can be slightly overwhelming. You want to choose the right cannabis product for your needs and preferences. At Papa Buds, we provide the information, guidance, and quality selection of cannabis to ensure a positive experience.

Cannabis Education

Our goal is to maximize the potential benefits of this amazing plant by providing education, answers, and recommendations. We hope to bring about a better understanding of cannabis and how to consume it so that you can proceed with confidence. We encourage you to visit our retail dispensary, browse and ask questions. Our knowledgeable staff is excited to help you find everything you need.

While cannabis products offer similar psychoactive chemicals and properties, there is a variety of methods for consumption. You want to be sure of dosage and safety. You want to be prepared and confident in your decisions. We’ve provided some information here to get you started.

  • Pipe – For inhaling the smoke from dead cannabis flower, pipes come in a range of materials, sizes and shapes. They are typically made of glass.
  • Bong – Normally made of glass for better quality, bongs are similar to pipes and consist of a mouthpiece, down-stem and slide/bowl. You light the cannabis and once the bong starts to percolate, smoke travels through water, allowing you to inhale.
  • Joint/blunt – Rolled flower simply needs to be lit and inhaled.
  • Vape – Rather than combustion to deliver the cannabis, vaporization uses lower heat to create vapor from the flower that is inhaled.
  • Edibles – A wide selection of cannabis infused cookies, brownies, drinks and more offer a delicious, potent alternative to smoking.
  • Tinctures – With an effective dosage that  is much smaller, sublingual cannabinoid absorption is far quicker than more traditional consumption methods.
  • Concentrates – High in total cannabinoids, concentrates are much stronger than flower and it’s best to start small.
  • Dabbing – Rather labor intensive, dabbing offers complete control over a process where concentrates are heated on a hot surface, often a nail, for inhalation.
  • Dab pen – For this portable option, water filtration cools the smoke to make it more enjoyable.
  • Vape pens – Portable enough to fit inside your pocket, vape pens minimize the odors of smoking oils for a very discreet consumption method.v

Reviews & Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority

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Great deals, great flower, great staff! Super chill low-key place. Recommend!

Lauren D.

I love Papa Buds! Inside its so comfortable and colorful. Very nice atmosphere. Plus, I love their $10 1/8ths I’m never disappointed.

John A.

Just started coming to this shop last week and already feel like part of the Papa Buds family. The staff spent a lot of time making sure they had what I wanted in stock

Heather C.

Clean shop, inclusive feel, easy to find. Great prices on flower and a wide variety of product to choose from.

Hanna P.

Amazing service, great products, and pesticide free bud makes this place the best!

A. McCarron

I brought my friend here from California and she absolutely loved the environment the people and the strains that they carry.

Lauren T.

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